Movie Trailer: One Day In August

Fifteen survivors of the 35W Bridge collapse share what they experienced as their cars fell beside or into the Mississippi River.  This film shows how everyone is worth saving,  It shows how ordinary citizens and first responders ran and swam to rescue people, how they all worked together.  The survivors also share their experiences with the media.  Some of their experiences were rude, some were humorous, some of their stories went all over the world.  One survivor noticed that a picture of his car showed up in Russia.  Another survivor had a newspaper person from London call her in the middle of the night to hear about her story.  It's about friendships, how a group of survivors met regularly to help one another heal. This is an amazing story of how a tragedy actually shows how much we have in common with others and how important it is to value your neighbor.  The musical background for the movie trailer is by Kate Brown.

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